Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation

idea by Maggie Tecthmann
Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation




What is your idea to improve lives with animals?


Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation will engage Waukesha County middle school and high school students with hands on STEM animal welfare experiences to impact and engage the future leaders of animal welfare.

How will you use the $2,500?

With increasing budget cuts affecting curriculum topics and availability across the country, Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation will afford a collaborative opportunity for schools to introduce and build on STEM curriculum in an innovative and interesting way while addressing budgetary concerns. HAWS also understands the importance of STEM education and exposure to youth as they look to career choices. While adhering to curriculum standards, HAWS seeks to impact youth in transition while simultaneously impacting character education and development among the next generation of STEM and animal welfare leaders.

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